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Tiz is an online platform for streamlining the cumbersome alcohol ordering process
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In the hospitality industry today, operators must navigate through a series of back-and-forth emails, texts, and phone calls to place alcohol orders with their distributors - a time-consuming, frustrating process that repeats each week.

Tiz is streamlining this cumbersome process, saving you time so you can focus on what matters most: your employees and your customers.

The "Old Way"
Ordering with Tiz
Hundreds of Happy Customers
"Tiz has really streamlined the process that my management teams use on their ordering days. It's been able to significantly cut down on the ordering workload, allowing my teams to focus on the meat and bones of the business. Among the obvious benefits of improved time management and time savings, this has helped lower LBW cost of goods & inventory. Residually it's helped improve management focus on other aspects of the business like labor, R&M, staff education, etc" - TJ Callanta / Element Collective
Deployed and used daily in countless bars and restaurants, Tiz users find daily value in its fluid functional ordering system and product discovery. Retailers can build easy-to-use quick order lists that allow for simple, re-ordering across all categories of their bar.

"Tiz has helped to streamline our entire process by being a one-stop-shop for our beverage ordering. It saves us hours each week and keeps communication with our distributors quick and simple. We highly recommend working with this platform if you're a fan of saving time and alleviating stress from your life :)"
Nicholas Filimon
Centralized Ordering
Whether ordering from 5 or 15 distributors, submit all orders with a single click
Search Functionality
Search a vast catalog and review product details like distributor, wholesale price, and package size options
Quick Order Lists
Create custom lists to easily view and reorder favorite products
Digital Record Keeping
Receive digital order confirmations for every transaction, and review online order history at any time
Multi-location Support
One single, accessible dashboard for viewing order history, analytics, and distributor contacts across multiple locations
24/7 Access
For maximum convenience, Tiz is available any time of day via web, mobile or tablet
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